Laravel is a full-fledged PHP framework for custom web application development. Many applications like CRM, LMS system, HRMS, etc are developed using Laravel and that has proven beneficial to many companies and business owners. After Coronavirus pandemic people have started moving their businesses to an online platform with custom eCommerce website development. Having an eCommerce website has become mandatory to survive in the market and beat your competition.

Dilemma in choosing eCommerce platform

The question is which platform to choose for custom eCommerce website development? There are already lots of platforms available which also give readymade eCommerce websites where you can do basic operations like change logo, color theme, option to change banner images, etc. 

But what if you want to run an affiliate marketing program in your eCommerce website? What if you want to send custom emails to people who have purchased products from you last month? What if you want to upsell or downsell products according to customer preferences? What do you want to show products according to city, state, or country wise?

All above questions have only one answer, that is custom eCommerce website development. And below we will discuss why Laravel is the best for developing custom eCommerce websites.

10 reasons to choose Laravel for custom eCommerce website development

1. Security of your eCommerce store

Laravel framework is the best in terms of security. It provides a default auth system which protects data from any intruder in a great way. It uses CSRF token which takes care of overall application and removes spammers.

2. Easy to develop large scale eCommerce website

Laravel has very good version wise documentation which helps developers to start with a project and also implement any advanced feature provided by Laravel. It has a very systematic project structure and out of the box coding standard which any other framework does not own.

3. eCommerce Packages available

Laravel community is very big and it has open-source packages available to develop advanced eCommerce websites without any interruption. Laravel eCommerce packages like Bagisto, Aimeos, Mage2 are well-known eCommerce packages.

4. High eCommerce website scalability

Many store owners keep on adding new features and functionalities in their website. So if you are using a readymade CMS store or website then you might not be able to add all features which come up in your mind even if they are important for your business growth and marketing.

5. Independent features development

When adopting custom eCommerce website development, you can tell limitless changes and additions. While in CMS, there are many things which developers need to take care of when adding new features. 

6. Flexible shopping cart

Laravel packages offer vivid options to manage shopping carts. No complex code is needed to do in developing dynamic cart for your website. Thus overall speed of development increases.

7. Multi Language store support

Laravel packages also offer easy multiple language implementation for different countries. If you are using a readymade website then a long process needs to be followed to make it multilingual and manage it from admin.

8. All code is independent

In readymade CMS, different plugins are used for different features and it also does not assure whether it will work in a proper way or not. But with Laravel all code is within our server and we can do any additions and deletions as per the need. Also we can manage third-party packages once we have downloaded our project.

9. MVC architecture

MVC brings a title of best PHP framework for custom eCommerce website development to Laravel as it has extended MVC structure. It helps in developing better performing websites.

10. Cloud storage for your eCommerce website data

Laravel provides API to work with two important file systems that are Amazon S3 and Rackspace cloud storage. All your data can be managed here flawlessly.

We are sure that you have chosen custom eCommerce website development for your business and thus you are here till the end, right?
So what are you waiting for now? Contact us now to discuss your unique idea and we will work together to make your eCommerce store live and make you generate revenue.