Apart from what you know in Angular, there are things like which can help you upgrade your codebase skills. It helps in maintaining an application easily and for a longer period of time in different hands. You will learn here 5 actionable things from easy to complex level to upgrade your Angular codebase skills.

1. Standard code convention 

One of the core parts which needs to be followed is better coding convention and Angular itself comes with a set of rules which make it different from other single page application frameworks.

Standard Coding convention not only helps in making project code look good but also helps any developer to understand it easily and maintains uniformity in the organization or among the team. 

Creating a new project from an existing one can be very easy if code is structured and deleting unwanted modules is handy. If you want to learn all possible standards here is Angular’s official coding standard guide.

2. Adopt module-based structure

Bundling everything just inside the app-module file will definitely make your code mess. That is why we have modules in Angular to help us to create a standard structure using it. It helps collect small features in a single module with easy findings.

Not only this but with a lazy loading feature, you can also increase user experience just by downloading part of a web application that is needed at a time.

There can be different categories of modules as mentioned below:

  • Feature modules: You might have understood it by name only that they are created for separating features in an Angular project. It helps in separating project features and not overlap each other’s minute functionality. 
  • Core modules: Modules like login, logout, auth, services, etc are termed under core modules and used globally in any feature modules.
  • Shared modules: These are the one which are common between different features and so can be used internally without any dependency.

3. Business logic out of components

It is a very good idea to keep logic and state outside of the components. The first thing you will face is faster testing scenarios as code will be more efficient due to logic inside services.

Your logic can be used within different components if it is located under service and also avoids repeated code. This in result helps in improving code quality.

4. Make async code with observers

RxJs library is used and decided by the team of Angular to make asynchronous functions. The library uses an Observer pattern to reach the goal consistency. Inside the code promises should be avoided and rxjs which has a stream line of data that can be read continuously should be used.

Going with the framework’s opinion, we should use rxjs observables everywhere despite mixing up promises and rxjs.

Use async pipes to not lead your project into serious bugs. However, the most common mistake made by developers is no unsubscribing from the event which got started, this leads to memory leaks and brings your application to unexpected changes.

5. Use centralized state management

With increasing project functionalities, your code also increases, and with an increase in the number of components, it becomes difficult to maintain each state. And thus centralized state management has come into action.

Centralized state management does the job of managing all your application state at a single place and controlling it. The problem of the component to component communication is resolved with this and there is a single object which is taken care of for all state management.

Above are 5 things to upgrade your Angular codebase skills. If you have any other in you mind then do let us know in the comment or you can connect with us by dropping an email at [email protected].

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