In the world of internet and onlines business, it is mandatory to take your business online. Before starting an online business you need to get important things like domain and hosting. You can check our previous blog on how to select the perfect domain name for your business and today we are going to talk about different types of hosting and which can be proved to be the best hosting for your business.

It definitely confuses people when it comes to choosing web hosting for your website as there are lots of web hosting service providers out there in the market. Before choosing a hosting service provider, you need to select which type of hosting you want to go with.

Most used and famous hosting types are as below,

1. Share Hosting

If you have just started business and are entering the online world, then shared hosting is perfect fit for you. In shared hosting all things like RAM, CPU are shared between different domains. As everything is shared here, its cost is also lower than other hosting types.

Note: Shared hosting doesn’t mean that other users will be able to access your data or manage your resources. It just uses the same space with different login credentials.

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

It is a middle hosting plan for those who need more control over their hosting but do not need a dedicated server for use. The VPS hosting website is hosted in its dedicated place though the physical storage is shared between different users. 

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3. Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers give you ultimate access from the operating system to security. You can change and upgrade anything in your dedicated hosting server. Only your website will be stored in your server and you have all the root and admin access.

Obviously, as this server gives lots of things, it costs more than all types of servers. 

4. Cloud Hosting

Today in the technology world, cloud hosting is the most used word all around. It is a type of hosting where a number of servers are combined with each other and your resources are managed over all these computing systems. 

Cloud hosting is something in which you need to pay for what you use and amount of time of usage.

5. Managed Hosting

In today’s world most hosting providers offer managed hosting. Here company takes care of hardware, technical stuff, software installations, OS and any other server related things.

Managed hosting is mostly used by WordPress website owners. Here hosting company gives all technical support and site speed. Here you get the best hosting for your business that is suitable to your business requirements.

6. Colocation

This type of server setup is quite difficult but gives the most bandwidth. Here you get a space for keeping your hardware i.e. server CPU and the colocation space provides all type of server needed facilities like cooling system, power, IP address.

After discussing 6 types of hosting there might be a question which is the best hosting for your business? Let’s discuss hosting needs for different types of business.

  1. Small Business: When starting a small business, you need less space but good bandwidth as people might visit your website and your website should not go down and should load fast. You can go with shared hosting or managed hosting like DreamHost, HostGator, Hostinger.
  2. Medium Scale Business: You might have more number of visitors and website data would have increased, so you can go with VPS hosting.
  3. Large Scale Business: If you own an eCommerce website or need to host enterprise applications then VPS, dedicated or Cloud hosting is the best hosting for your business.

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