Thinking of taking business online and confused on how to get started with domain name selection and connect domain name with hosting? People usually get a victim of domain selling agents who provoke to purchase domain names without any meaning or brand material. Once you select a domain name for your business, it needs to be connected with your hosting. Here you will find a detailed guide on how to connect domain name with hosting.

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Once you finalize the domain name, it is time to quickly register it at your name and take it on lease for a specific period of time. Until domain name is registered with your name, no one else can register or claim it. 

Let’s say, you registered domain name for 1 year from various domain service providers like godaddy, hostgator, google domains and many others, then it will show your domain name as registered one on each domain service provider. You can also register it for 3 years, 5 years or 10 years as well. Once the registration period gets completed, you have to renew it so that it remains registered only with your name.

You should try to register all possible famous extensions with your domain names to protect your brand and not any other person copy your brand and blunder people on the internet.

Note: After buying multiple domain names, you can redirect or forward domain names to your primary website or social media  business page.

Let’s see now step by step process on how to connect domain name with hosting. For instance we are using here Godaddy where we have registered a domain name and Bluehost where our hosting resides. 

Step 1: Get inside domain manager

First of all you need to click on All Products where you will be able to see purchased domain names. 

Step 2: Select domain name to be pointed 

You will be able to see the domain name list. Select a domain name which you want to host to your hosting provider.  You can point specific numbers of domain names to particular hosting plans as per the specification. But after registering one domain name with hosting, you can create any number of sub-domains and create new websites or blogs. This is how you can keep your staging website and live website separate.

Step 3: Set nameservers

After selecting the domain name, you get redirected to the setting page of that particular domain name. There you will be able to see change nameservers or update nameservers or add nameservers. Click on that option and you can input nameservers in that 2 input box and click on update.

It will ask to confirm the nameserver, just confirm it. It might take 24 hours to 48 hours to update new nameservers.

You might have a question, how can you get nameservers? Walking you through it as well.

Step 4: How to get nameserver?

You can get nameservers from your hosting provider. There are two ways to get it.

  1. Simply ask customer care of your hosting provider to tell you your hosting nameservers. And there you go where you will get 2 nameserver strings which need to be updated in the domain manager.
  2. Find a menu in your Bluehost admin cPanel account, where you will be able to find nameservers.

Sometimes you find nameservers online by googling out, but it is not good practice to go with that, in spite going with above 2 methods is safer one, so that you get real nameservers.

Step 5: Assign domain name to hosting cPanel

Go to hosting cPanel and find an option named “Domain Manager”. Click on it and you will find an option to add domain name. You need to add domain name to your hosting so that it knows where to assign hosting data. The domain name will point to your hosting by checking nameservers and fetch index files to show your website.

Here also you might get a confirmation prompt saying “Your domain is now linked with bluehost successfully.” It depends on which hosting service provider you choose.

Ready to get started with your online business?

By following the above steps in general, you will be able to connect domain names with your hosting easily now. The selection of a hosting provider depends on how big your website could be and then you can select a hosting provider and appropriate plan. We suggest going with a minimal hosting plan if you are just starting up.

Anyhow, we are here for you 24/7 to assist you with your all queries regarding starting an online business. Just reach us out by contacting us and we will be happier to help you out.