Worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has also brought many positive impacts in our life. While we can see lots of changes happening around the world in every sector, there has been a huge change in the learning and schooling system. Many schools and colleges are looking for the cost to develop an online learning system.

Obviously, budget matters a lot for institutes and thus we will discuss today about how much it costs to develop learning management systems in real life? You might have seen many pricing for lms systems and you would have got many calls about gathering requirements and generating a quote for the development of an online learning system. But for the lms system, all schools and colleges might have quite different requirements and you cannot get any readymade system which you can directly implement for your institute.

You either need to purchase some system or do custom lms development by hiring dedicated developers.

To help teachers, professors and people in the education field, we have put efforts to develop real pricing standards. We have considered various lms systems and have made it simple for understanding the development process of online learning systems for 2020.

What is Online Learning System?

A system which helps you to track student data and help you teach students online and take tests accordingly is known as an online learning system.

In the system you can upload data and manage student data online and perform various actions as per the requirements and modules in the lms.

There can be lots of modules in the LMS, some of major modules are listed below,

  1. Learning management for students and study material.
  2. Develop and upload content on the system for student subject wise and standard wise.
  3. A library from where a student can study and watch video lectures whenever needed.
  4. A shareable content model where students can share without content copyrights.
  5. No time boundary and access limitations for learning material.
  6. Device free learning, i.e. students can learn from any device like laptop, mobile or tablet.
  7. Game based learning for lower standard kids.
  8. Test taking system and test analytics.
  9. Test results and certification.
  10.  Overall performance tracking of students.
  11. Parent control and analytics view.

There can be added a lot more features in the LMS system as per the requirements of the institution.

What does it cost to join a pre-made online learning system?

There are a number of lms systems which work on license base, per student base or yearly subscription base. In these systems, you get a full-featured panel and you can learn directly or manage your own learning material for your students. 


  • No development and maintenance hassle
  • Quick support
  • Adoptable pricing plans
  • Lots of features to use
  • Quite cheap


  • No customization available
  • Limited space
  • Unwanted features making hard to manage data
  • You do not have all right of the system

Some of the popular learning management systems are Abara LMS, CoreAchieve, Accord LMS, Blackboard, Coassemble, Google Classroom, Moodle and many other systems have acquired market.

Cost to join these systems varies as per module. Generally, starting from $5 per student to $10000 for a complete yearly plan.

What does it cost to develop a custom online learning system?

Many software development companies develop online learning systems. They help you to develop custom websites and applications as per your need.

If you have a huge institute and have varied requirements then you should go with this option. Developing custom LMS has lots pros and it is said to be owned by you.


  • You own the system
  • Add as many number of features
  • Customize as per your need
  • Host on any server and run on your own domain
  • Quick system updates


  • Time taking first time development
  • Quite costly
  • Hire dedicated developers

An online learning system can be developed at a cost between $5000  to $30,000. All depends on your features addition and module expansion.

If you are looking for a good team of developers who can help you in developing a custom learning management system then you can reach us out at [email protected] You can also contact us and we would be happy to help you out.

Keep educating! Stay healthy!