Not only the IT industry but many other industries are affected by the curse of COVID-19. People have experienced both benefits of pandemic and flaws as well. In such times, it has become mandatory for any business owner, manager, or human resource worker to hire developers from distant and follow social distancing programs launched by the government. So in here, we will purely guide you today on how to hire remote developers for your project.

There are many different skills for which you can get remote employees easily from many different platforms available. There will be a long line of applicants who will be ready to work with you. But what about the quality of developers? Or how to get the perfect developer at your budget?

Top locations from where you can hire remote developers

The most number of developers available in a country in the US which is about 41%. We already know the US is at top in a number of developers but let’s talk about the rest of which are the best locations to hire remote developers.

India: India is always considered the best option to hire a developer due to its talent, budget, and communication. India focuses on educating students on subjects like mathematics, logical reasoning, etc. and thus it is successful in creating 2.6 million engineers every year! So hiring a remote developer from India is always the best option to go with.

Brazil & Ukraine: Brazil also has more number of people speaking English which suits best for any hiring person as communication is the foremost thing. While Ukraine also has great developers according to HackerRank analytics, and their developers scored an average of 88.7% across its challenges.

Canada: Canada has a strong educational infrastructure that has helped students to upgrade their coding skills to the next level. Also, HackerRank has put Canada on 21st rank in terms of good scoring developers. Also, the same time zone allows for better communication at a time.

Important notes while hiring a remote employee

Search and invest

When you start hiring a remote developer, don’t just rush to get it done and provide all work to the developer in order to make yourself free. Search and look for different options, look for their past work, check if they have really worked on similar projects or they can do your job correctly? Make clear all requirements and expectations to the developer so there is no misunderstanding in the future.

Set goals and difficulty level

If you are going for web development or mobile app development, you should consider all levels of work which needs to be done by offshore developers. This way it will help you to set boundaries and also give a clear view to your developer.

Profit should be overlooked sometimes

We all know hiring offshore developers is cost-efficient but we should not just look after saving money but also check the quality of knowledge and experience of developers. If you are looking for standard project development then you should definitely increase your budget to attract expert developers.

Contract work should be up to date

Offshore hiring is not the ultimate solution for your organization but there are some challenges and problems from the developer’s side as well which need to be understood mutually. So a well-formed contract should be signed stating all possible work and budget, so there are no disputes in future and you can continue for a longer period of time for their services.

Hiring remote developers definitely help you in focusing your core business and letting service providers work on other stuff to fuel up your business and make a seamless process.

If you are struggling to find a perfect developer for your organization, no matter small or big, we will help you out for free and provide worthy consultation on how to hire remote developers for your project. Contact us or drop an email at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to guide you.