Whether you are a big or small business, you need to take your business online. 4 out 5 people search for their requirements on the internet and find a particular shop or website where they can purchase products or get services. If you are not still having your presence in the digital world then there will be time soon when your business won’t be able to expand and get more profit.

Today, I’ll take you through basics on how to take your business online and dominate among your competitors. Many businesses kick start with Facebook pages or Instagram or any other business platforms or even by registering and selling their products on Amazon. But all these platforms don’t give you total control and have limited features of what you really can do to expand your business.

If you want to make your footprint digitally and expand your business you need to follow some steps. I am glad you found this step by step guide to take your business online. And the guide below will definitely help you out to start from scratch or even if you know many things.

Get custom domain name

The heart of your business is domain name and to  think in deep what should be your business online address. It is like a brand and whatever you select, will be seen by your customers all around.

While selecting domain names think of the name which connects it with what you sell or the services you offer. Your domain name is the text which comes after WWW. 

I.e. www.YourCompanyName.com 

After you register your domain name on any domain service provider, you can create your own business email and also the unique email address for employees who work in your company. The business email might look like [email protected]

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Get hosting to host your website

After selecting the appropriate domain name, you need to host your website where you can show your products or services. The hosting space allows you to deploy your website on the internet and thereafter all the people on the internet can see your website.

The configuration of hosting depends on various factors like whether it is static or dynamic, what amount of traffic your website will have, What amount of storage you need.

Consider you have a fashion designing business, so your website might contain lots of pictures and thus it requires more space in general.

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Planning your website

You need to believe that your website will help you with all tasks you want for your business. While you are planning your website, you need to ask some questions to yourself and a team like,

  • Why do you want this website?
  • Do you want to inform your users, customer about your services and products?
  • You want to sell online and get payment?
  • You want to teach students online?
  • You want to build a startup product? And many more as per your business…

Once the purpose is clear, you can start building a website or hire a dedicated developer to develop the one. 

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Create valuable content

Obviously, if your content is good, then only users will come to your website and give you money for what you offer them. The content in your website will attract new users and convert them into your customers. So you need to plan it properly and select an appropriate niche. Content can be in different forms like text, images, videos, infographics etc.

You should tell your customers about your business like,

  • How did you start your business?
  • What do you offer to your valuable customers?
  • What problems can you solve for society?

There should be a contact form, from where new users can reach you out and opt for your services. This is how you get a lead. 

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Reach audience via search engine

Everything is ready! But how to acquire new audiences or customers? It is a million dollar question with a simple answer that is SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

After you create content and put it in your website, it doesn’t directly show up to the people who are searching out similar services on Google. But you need to optimize your web pages to get ranked on the search engines. SEO is not an overnight thing, it needs patience but it gives real results.

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Stay in touch via social media

Social media is a place where you can find people of similar interest and it is the best place to pitch your business. You can simply talk to people in personal chat and pull them to your website. Once they are in your website and find your content i.e. products or services good for them, they will surely trust you and get ready to pay you.

Through social media you can build trust and awareness among your audiences which results in brand enlargement. You can keep posting new posts when you launch a new product or service. You can share good memories and moments which build the ultimate bond between your customer and your brand.

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Drive traffic, convert into leads and evaluation

You will definitely get bulk of traffic if the above steps are performed well and consistently. Remember, no business has come up in an overnight, but it requires lots of patience and perseverance. 

The data you collect from your website can be used to do email marketing and re-marketing if the customer has purchased something from your website. You can create different kinds of funnel where you can set vivid rules and set all up to get more leads and increase profit from an online business. This is the main thing while we talk about taking your business online. You can measure traffic and evaluate them via Google tools like Google analytics

I hope you got this detailed article on how to take your business online, or if you have any doubts then we are here for you 24/7. Reach us out by dropping an email at [email protected] or contact us and we will be more than happier to help you out to take your business online and be your technology partner.