Python and Javascript are both the most popular languages among web developers. Front-end and backend have been divided since the birth of web technology and APIs are used to load dynamic data from the server. But the discussion about building APIs in Node.js vs Python has emerged since various frameworks for Python has come into existence.

APIs in Node.js

After serverless applications have taken the place of full-fledged front and backend websites, it is necessary for any developer to have knowledge about how to build APIs. The JavaScript developers who were struggling with APIs have the best option of building APIs in Node.js. Node.js provides lightning-fast request and response management.

Many database interfaces/ technology can be used with Node.js and build a powerful REST API. Famous websites built using Node.js are, Linkedin, PayPal, etc.

Node.js is intensely advanced by Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine, making it performant. Node.js follows an occasional circle-based engineering, which makes it non-impeding. Offbeat solicitations are upheld and this implies that the runtime can execute various solicitations without getting impeded.

APIs in Python

Python being a top-rated programming language, its craze has definitely increased over the years and is still increasing. Python is helping in hiking growth for businesses in various ways i.e. Machine learning, Crypto technology, Blockchain development, Secure app development, very fast RESTful API development, and many more.

There are a number of frameworks available for developing Python REST APIs but not all are very useful. An API makes it simpler for engineers to utilize certain innovations to construct applications utilizing certain predefined activities. It helps in associating different things

Python is a multi-worldview, prearranging language brought about by Guido van Rossum in the last part of the 1980s. Python is amazingly simple to peruse, clear, and easy to learn. It worked considering straightforwardness. It subsequently utilizes space to characterize the extent of circles and capacities. Python is broadly utilized as a worker-side language. Structures like Django and Flask simplify it to plan performant sites. It is additionally used to make APIs and Machine Learning models. Python, joined with the bundle administrator pip makes it ideal for projects.


Comparatively, Node.js performs better than Python in API development and performance-wise. Though there come different requirements which push one to develop in any particular framework to fulfill various needs. Are you looking to develop REST API for your front-end project? We can surely help you in building it and offer you quality work within the timeline. Connect with us at [email protected] or reach us out by filling up this contact us form. We will get back to you shortly.