While all news channels and social media are spreading negative vibes, there can be seen positive impacts of coronavirus in many aspects. It can be said like it has saved the planet Earth.

No doubt coronavirus has taken lots of lives of people till date and the world is tense due to the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus spread is very dangerous and governments of different nations are taking their best steps to stop it. 

God has pressed the reset button – Coronavirus impacts

If we look around to the co-owners of the Earth, then they are quite enjoying the clean nature right now. We, humans, are nurturing our negative minds and generating unwanted thoughts all around, while the flora and fauna are enjoying the positive energy of the clean environment ever. It feels like animals and plants are reclaiming their part of Earth and showing us that we have forgotten them and neglecting, harming them. All these seem like positive impacts of coronavirus. It feels like God has pressed the reset button to make things better than earlier and keep everything balanced.

Positive impacts of coronavirus

Clear blue skies

It was difficult for us to tell our kids that the skies were blue as there was no view of the sky without pollution. All the time, we can see smoke and gloomy sky where the real color of the sky just fades away. When factories are on halt and production is off which has resulted into clean air and clean sky.

Clean and pollutions free air

Due to lockdown, vehicles are not running on the road which has resulted in lower down the quantity of CO2. Also industries producing dust have stopped and emission of Nitrogen Dioxide has become negligible.

Transportation which makes 23% of the world’s global carbon emission has stopped, due to which air is getting less polluted and less amount of greenhouse gases are getting emitted. It shows the air is clean and filtered which doesn’t harm us to breath.

Beaches are good in health

Due to quarantine days, people have locked down themselves and so the beaches are free from human pollution. Turtles lay sixty million eggs due to empty beaches. Many other sea animals have benefited from this lockdown.

Less usage of resources

Due to the coronavirus crisis, all corporate companies have asked their employees to work from home. Thus there are lots of resources that are not used and usage of air conditioning has also decreased. This results in good environmental health.

People are going green

Everyone is eating green food and ignoring meat. Nature has enabled people to take diet according to the system which helps in sustainable development. 

Self-awareness and self-care

This competitive world has made us very busy due to our tight schedule. We have never treated our environment in a good way and now we have got a chance. We are now aware of what amount of natural resources we have been wasting. It’s time for us to take care of ourselves and health.

What after Coronavirus goes away?

Take a moment and think of what changes you have seen in your life during this lockdown. There have been lots of positive impacts of coronavirus on mankind. Let us think about what if we continue the trend and give ourselves a day in a month to self-quarantine and let nature grow in clean and remain sustainable.

What do you think about staying home and spending quality time with family? God has given us a chance to improve our habits and help the environment to sustain for the future.