Among PHP frameworks,  Laravel is used by most of the developers and highly recommended by experts. But why and how Laravel got such fame? For what reason developers use Laravel more compared to other PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Yii, etc. for custom requirements? Why is Laravel the best for CRM development? Let’s dive deep into the blog and check why Laravel has a huge audience.

Since Laravel version 5, it has been used for all custom requirements like Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce website, Learning Management System, small business application, enterprise application and many more by developers. 

Laravel framework documentation

Laravel has top level documentation from where a noob can teach himself Laravel by his own. It has extended documentation which covers everything from basics to advance. In addition to that, it has a huge community from where you can get any help. Being an open source framework, you can also contribute to laravel and also create your own packages for faster development.

What is CRM?

CRM is a system which is used by companies or small businesses where they keep records of their customer and manipulate business and product data. It helps in automating the business process and fasten the job of management. Below are listed some of the benefits of CRM,

  • Manage customer data at one place
  • Data centric approach for data management
  • Keep loyalty points for customers
  • Check detailed analytics
  • Do re-marketing by analysing data
  • Target serious customers and retain them
  • And lots of other features can be added in CRM as per the requirements.

Why use Laravel for custom CRM development?

Laravel has the ability to go to any level of complex development and make it easy and fast using ORM models. With Laravel framework, functionalities can be developed in a smooth way as it has lots of in-built functions which makes development faster and without bugs.

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Advantages of using Laravel for CRM development

  • Laravel can be used for developing any kind of small or big web applications.
  • Laravel composer dependency helps in installing different packages to enable developers to not write the same code again and again.
  • Laravel has pre-installed authentication libraries in it and to take it to a role based system, there are a number of packages to install and get it done in lesser hours.
  • In Laravel we can create test cases which helps in errorless development.
  • It also has very good API management directories.
  • Apart from these advantages, it has perfect management of console applications, listeners to run code in backend, job workers, repositories and many more.

Obviously, PHP is a very dynamic language and unimaginable things can be done with a PHP framework like Laravel. Are you looking for any company to develop your CRM? Contact us or drop us an email at [email protected], our expert will connect with you to consult you for the best CRM features and admin panel for your business, so that you can focus on your business and not on technical stuff.

Let us know your thoughts about Laravel in the comments if you have already used it in CRM development.